Indigo Laine & Co.

“Leather has always been a love of mine—the smell, the durability, the beauty” says Randi Hamlyn, the designer and owner of Indigo Laine & Co. “Once I figured out how to create with it, I was hooked.” The daughter of an entrepreneurial family, Hamlyn’s interest in leather inspired her to open Indigo Laine & Co. in 2016. Her workshop, located outside of Corpus Christi, makes totes, clutches, wallets, and other leather products. Some of the bags are exclusively leather, while denim and studs differentiate others. “Every leather artist brings their own unique style to their product,” Hamlyn says. “It’s almost like their finger print. I think Indigo Laine is known for classic, unfussy shapes and a scalloped edge.” Hamlyn says she finds inspiration in nature, history, and her family. And road trips, of course. “The Texas Hill Country is where I go to unwind and breath,” she says. “The rolling hills, the wildflowers, peaches, rivers—what’s not to love?”